No limits

We only have one planet and one opportunity—sustainability. International bodies such as the UN General Assembly have plotted a path for the planet’s survival to be met before 2030. Goals, goals and more goals. But this is not about good intentions, it’s about action.

The planet has been crying out to be heard for a long time and, on more than one occasion, it has alerted us to its power and the consequences of arousing a sleeping giant. Nature is as necessary and beautiful as it is finite. By abusing nature, we harm ourselves, taking away life and opportunities. Caring for and protecting nature, and ensuring its survival is our passport to a better future.

I have always been clear about this balance of generosity and, from my first day as head of COMPAC, my commitment, challenge and determination has been to show that sustainable manufacturing is possible. What I could never have imagined is that we would achieve it surpassing all expectations. This is the result of a team sharing unfettered passion, top talent, and knowledge and respect for extraordinary materials.

Obsidiana has just been released and has already begun to conquer markets in just a few days. Obsidiana represents our philosophy and is a reflection of our way of being and creating. Obsidiana is the proof that complete responsibility and sustainability have their place within industry.

Obsidiana is the only material in the world inspired by a natural marvel—volcanic glass—and then taken to another level. In reality, it is architects and designers who will get free creative rein without any physical barriers or forms or shapes or sizes: there are no limits.

Obsidiana is a material that radiates beauty in all of its guises. Pure beauty combined with cutting-edge technique. Because it is possible to surpass the original: no limits.

And Obsidiana represents sustainability with a capital S. Fully recycled water and energy from renewable sources have been used throughout its manufacture to design a product made from 100% reusable materials and to produce a 100% recyclable material in itself: no limits.

This is how we work at COMPAC—without any limits. And this is how we have managed to bring the future into the present.


Paco Sanchis