The change

Everything comes to an end. Everything fades away. Everything gets overcome. And everything changes. But change does not come through mere opinions: the world changes based on events. Here at COMPAC, we are playing an active role in this process.

Ever since I started to wander the corridors of this factory that has seen me mature, and ever since I looked over the immensity of a quarry and discovered what nature has gifted to us, an idea started to take shape in both my mind and hands: to protect it. Protecting and caring for the bringer of life. It may almost seem contradictory: working in industry and planning production from a 100% eco-efficient stance. But this is not the case. We have shown that it is possible here at COMPAC.

OBSIDIANA COMPAC has arrived to revolutionise the marketplace, delight the most demanding of customers and turn industrial processes on their heads.

Never before has anyone been capable of creating a material like this: both recycled and recyclable.

As of today, COMPAC is the first manufacturer in the world of OBSIDIANA, a surface material that reproduces all the beauty and technique of natural glass, even in its original state, with a completely sustainable manufacturing process.

You will soon get to discover close-up our major commitment and source of pride. We are aware of the expectations it has sparked across markets after our recent win at the SUSTAINABILITY AWARD KBIS 2020 . Even in highly demanding nations in terms of sustainability such as New Zealand—with a well-entrenched green culture—OBSIDIANA has captivated experts and the media.

Let me say this loud and clear: we have achieved it and I could not feel any prouder of the entire COMPAC team who have committed all their talent, time and passion to making our dream a reality. OBSIDIANA COMPAC is not just a material that has been made to fill any space with extraordinary beauty. OBSIDIANA COMPAC is the material that will gradually slide industry into the future. And we are there, right at the heart of it all.


Paco Sanchis